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Levanta Ministries Trade Program

One of the goals of Levanta Ministries is to help local Dominicans with employment, so we created a Trade Program where we employ people to make products that can be sold. All of the revenue generated from these sales goes directly back into the ministry to help provide employment and support our efforts.

Meet Lucia. She is our head seamstress and is incredibly talented! She has used her talents as a seamstress to bless others all her life. Now, Levanta Ministries employs Lucia to make most of our trade products. She is also training other people so that they will have the skills and experience to be able to work in the future.

Levanta Ministries uses donated fabric and donated coffee sacks from various vendors as our raw materials. Lucia and our other workers use these materials to create a variety of products and accessories. We sell some of these products at trade shows and farmer’s markets at various times during the year and other products directly to boutique shops and stores.

The products below are sold exclusively to boutiques:

If you are interested in seeing more of the products below for your shop, please contact us at:


Wooden Handles


Single Straps

Larger Bags

The products below are sold at farmer’s markets and trade shows:


Coin Purses

Pillow Covers



Levanta has received a lot of help from individuals and companies that have contributed to our Trade Program. All of our fabric and coffee sacks are donated by business owners that generously give materials in order to help our program succeed. Other businesses have given in different ways. We would like to thank the following businesses for their contributions to our ministry:

Please consider supporting these businesses for the generosity they have shown towards Levanta!

G & S Custom Draperies in Houston, TX –

Artex Neu in Houston, TX –

Mattiza’s Custom Upholsteries in Houston, TX

…and many other individuals who donated as well!

Savory Farmers Market –

Anderson’s Coffee Company in Austin, TX –

Wild Gift Coffee in Austin, TX –

Smoky Hollow Roasters in El Segundo, CA –

Coffee Del Rey in Plano, TX –

Numinous Coffee in Marble Falls, TX –

If you would like to know where and when we will be selling our products, please email us at: