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Our Story

When you sow seeds eventually there’s a harvest. We are Doug and Margaret Beck, and this is how God has led us to a harvest field in the Dominican Republic. In 2005 we sowed a seed and sponsored a child from Africa. This led us to sow other seeds and to other sponsorships of children in the Dominican Republic. We could see the impact of these sponsorships, so in 2010, we started praying intentionally about our future and seeking the Lord regarding how we could serve Him with our lives. We were willing to change our location and vocation if that’s what He was leading us to do, but had NO idea that becoming overseas missionaries was what He had in mind.

More seeds were sown when we first came to the Dominican Republic in 2011 on a short-term mission trip. During that visit, we felt God’s call on us to come and serve Him and the people of this great country. After prayer and wise counsel, we were confident that the Lord was leading us to serve Him in this way. So, we sold our home and all of our possessions and packed up 7 suitcases and moved to the Dominican Republic. From 2012-2018, we served as Group Ministry Directors, hosting over 2000 people on short-term mission trips. More seeds were sown but during these years, but we saw needs in the community that were not being met long term, and God gave us a new burden to help those who were living in difficult situations find a path forward. Therefore, in January 2019, Levanta Ministries grew from a seed planted many years ago and now exists to empower families to rise up out of their situation. We hope that those families can then empower others in the community, in an ever-expanding cycle.