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Education Program

One of the goals of Levanta Ministries is to help improve education in the Dominican Republic. We attempt to do this in a number of ways:

Because we live near areas of high tourism, knowing English can greatly increase the chances of employment for Dominicans. Thus, Levanta's English Program was born. This program is a multi-year course offered free of charge for participants, giving our students a command of the language in order to improve their opportunities in the future.

Levanta offers a Tutoring Program for students in the community. Children are able to bring their homework and projects to our ministry house and receive help from our staff to complete their assignments and keep up with their schoolwork.  Many kids and parents have seen vast improvement in their studies through this program!

Levanta put on an English Camp for the students in our English program. More than 30 adolescents attended the camp, where they played games in English to reinforce what they are learning in class, heard teaching from God's Word and had a great time! We are hoping to make this a yearly event. Thank you to Austin Oaks/Nueva Vida for making it possible!

Once graduating from high school, it is difficult for many Dominicans to be able to attend university. Levanta Ministries is able to offer university scholarships to some young adults who volunteer in our ministry. We love being able to help them further their studies and invest in their future.

Levanta has a Computer Lab for the students in our English program, Tutoring program and Sports program. We also offer basic computer courses to adults in our community.

Danni, Iris, Nathaly, Jenna and Maricleiry form our Education team