Dominican Republic: 829-540-9392

Who We Are

God has truly blessed us with an incredible team to work with in the Dominican Republic! We are grateful for all that they do to glorify the Lord and serve the people in our area.

Team Levanta

Doug & Margaret Beck

Co-Founders & Directors

Jandry Poliné

Community Assistance Director

Nathaly Castillo Poliné

Education Director

Crisandro Reyes

Spiritual Director

Lucia Belliard

Head Seamstress

Maricleiry Sotero Crisostomo

Teacher/Girls’ Bible Study Leader

Iris Vasquez Soto

Ministry Assistant

Jorge “Mundo” Pie

Community Assistance Coordinator

Danni Castillo

English Teacher

Jenna Musgrove de Reyes

Teacher/Girls' Bible Study Leader