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Why “Levanta”?

Silvia's graduation from English school - December 2017

One of the inspirations for Levanta Ministries is a girl named Silvia.  

Silvia was an orphan by the age of two, but she certainly didn’t let her circumstances deter her from what she wanted to accomplish in this world. We met Silvia on our first trip to the D.R. in 2011 and when we moved in 2012, she became a significant part of our lives. She could often be found at our home, doing her homework or helping out with a mission team. Anyone who spent time with her knew what a joy she was to be around, and was able to see and experience the kind of impact her life had on countless people. Sadly, in March of 2018 at the age of 16, she became ill and the Lord suddenly took her home. During the time we knew her, we learned so much from her young life and the way she persevered with joy through the many challenges she faced. Unfortunately, her challenges are not uncommon for many who are in the community where we live and serve. 

Our time with Silvia inspired us to help others who are in similar situations and after she passed away, her desire to rise above her situation was one of the main inspirations for creating Levanta Ministries. She had a servant’s heart and was always willing to help. She had an entrepreneurial spirit and always wanted to make things to sell. She loved learning English and took every opportunity to practice with others.  She dreamed big dreams and wanted to be a pilot or a teacher. We knew she could do it with the proper support that was lacking, given her situation.

One of Silvia’s favorite Bible verses was Psalm 121:1-2:

I lift my eyes up to the mountains- Where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, Maker of heaven and earth.”

In Spanish, the verse reads:

Levantaré mis ojos a los montes; ¿de dónde vendrá mi socorro?  Mi socorro viene del Señor, que hizo los cielos y la tierra.”

...and thus was birthed the name of our ministry- Levanta.  In Spanish, the verb “levantar” means “to raise or lift up.” Our desire is to help inspire and encourage others to be lifted up out of their current situation, and give them hope, just as Christ has raised us up and given us new life in Him.

Levanta Ministries exists to Encourage, Equip, and Empower families in developing countries to rise above their current situation, through the love of Christ.