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Community Assistance Program

Our Community Assistance Program is designed to be a blessing to the people living in our area in a variety of different ways. Many people in our vicinity struggle with unemployment and providing basic needs for themselves and their families. Levanta works to build relationships with community members and to assist them with different needs when necessary, in many different avenues, including: our Employment Program, our Help Ministry, our Artisan Program and our Sports Program.

Many people in our area are willing to work but lack opportunities and our Employment Program seeks to bridge this gap. Levanta becomes involved in community manual labor projects with a two-fold goal: to bless those with physical needs and to hire people in the community who need work to complete the project. We also use these opportunities to share the Gospel with the men that we hire for each project.

The goal with our Help Ministry is to strive to help those in difficult situations with basic needs. When necessary, Levanta provides food, groceries, or medical needs to families who struggle to provide these basic provisions. Our staff also helps locals in obtaining proper legal documentation that can help them receive the benefits of being a Dominican citizen.

Our  Artisan Program, detailed more here, seeks to employ people to make products that can be sold. All of the revenue generated from these sales goes directly back into the ministry to help provide employment and support our efforts.  Go to to see and purchase our products!

Our Sports Ministry uses athletic activities as a vehicle to preach the Gospel and make disciples in our community.  Currently, Levanta sponsors a local boys' basketball team of kids that live in our area. Our program helps provide these young men a healthy and safe opportunity to have fun, learn sportsmanship and teamwork, and hear the Word of God.