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Our Community Assistance Program is designed to help families with different needs and employ people in our area to help meet those needs. We love helping people with these necessities while using it as an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Recently, we received a request from a family near us that needed a new roof for their home. After Levanta staff had met with the family and assessed the situation, we put a plan in place to help them. The family already had some raw materials that could be used for the project and Levanta bought what was remaining. We were able to hire three men from our local community that needed employment to work on the project. Before starting, two of our staff members, Jandry and Mundo, went to the site, served coffee and breakfast and then gave a Biblical devotional to the workers and the family. The men were able to finish the job in a couple of days and the family received the blessing of a new roof. The family also requested that our staff conduct a weekly Bible study in their home for them and their neighbors which has already started. This is a great example of how Levanta is using the resources we have been given in order to bless others and point people towards Christ. Thanks for supporting us so that we can support our community!

Community Goals: Find solutions to real problems and needs in the community using available skills and resources in the area

Goals: Expand knowledge: improve literacy in Spanish and English; increase general education levels

Goals: Deeper knowledge and connection with God; strengthen relationships; point others to Christ; Bible studies/classes

  • Hire Locals
  • Contribute to local projects
  • Teach a Trade
  • Make products to sell
  • Distribute food & medicine when necessary
  • Assist with legal documentation
  • English Program
  • After-School Reading Program
  • Tutoring Classes
  • Scholarships to local universities
  • Technical/Trade Classes
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Bible Studies for students in English Program
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring & Discipleship
  • Open Bible Studies for community members
  • Outreach
  • Trainings

Doug & Margaret Beck

Jandry Poliné

Nathaly Castillo Poliné

Co-Founders & Directors

Community Outreach Director

Education Director

Crisandro Reyes

Lucia Belliard


Spiritual Director

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